söndag 28 december 2008

Playboy Mansion Party in February 28

It seems like im goin to the Mansion again
to have a great time.

But I cant go there alone can I ??
I have 4 tickets for the most beauty, sexy
and outgoing girls.

So girls, send me an email
about you and why just YOU
are goin to be the one to be there at that
magic night with me? patrik@modastarmodels.com

Last time at Mansion July -08

Me our Moda Star Model Mindi Smith and Doug

The famous The Grotto, you never know.........;-)

2 kommentarer:

Emzo sa...

Öööjjj du vet vart du ska skicka biljetten..seså kom igen

Patrik Book sa...

Joooråsåattdu hahahaha
Men asså du ba Emma, nu vart texten väldigt svår att läsa ;-))

Puss påre!!